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  Meet The Team 

Mariangela Veronesi

Mariangela has a background in international development and in environmental and sustainable planning. She mostly specialises in supporting community-led processes to manage urban and rural resources, mostly around housing and neighbourhood upgrading, but also on food security, water management and livelihoods.

Laura Riggi

Laura is a bug lover and an ecologist, currently working on promoting beneficial insects in agricultural systems in Sweden. After graduating in Biology at the University of Edinburgh she organised a summer expedition to Mexico on orchid bees in coffee agro-systems and then continued travelling around Europe as a field assistant, collecting gall wasps. After a bug filled gap year, in 2011, she completed a Master in Crop Pest Management at Imperial College London where she got the munchies for ent

Marthe Saeter Jacobsen

Marthe is a Norwegian who lives in Scotland. She works for her own IT consultancy as a project manager which specialises in converging business and technology, with particular interest in strategic change management. She has always had a huge interest in the charitable sector and wants to help make the world a smarter and more efficient place, with a particular concern for peoples’ well-being. Bugs for Life’s aims and objectives strive to achieve these goals through focusing on insects as a pote


Melissa is a life-long insect enthusiast with a background in molecular biology, and a particular interest in the societal impact of scientific research. After studying Genetics at Edinburgh University, her passion for social insects and host-parasite interaction led her to complete a PhD at Kings College London. Her research has brought her to look at the properties of the Nhem tree in India, to investigating Orchid-bees in Mexico, but in her spare time Melissa aims to be a fully-fledged bee-ke


Craig is a science communicator with a background in environmental science and a passion for educating people about the many ecological, economic and nutritional benefits of sustainable insect farming. He is responsible for the educational output of Bugs for Life and delivers talks and outreach events around the UK.

Mattheu Doko

Mattheu Doko, Director and teacher at the College of Cotiakou, Atakora, Benin

Elisabette Kassa

Elisabette Kassa, Nurse at the Center for Nutrition, Tanguieta hospital, Atakora, Benin

Yatto DoKo

Yatto Doko

Botto Family

Head of the Kosso community, Atakora, Benin

SCIO charity number: SC047583
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