Exploring Entomophagy

  Bugs for Life 


Understanding the traditional uses of insects and recognising the value of different species is central to our work. By working with local communities, Bugs for Life aims to both preserve traditional knowledge that is being lost and enhance understanding about the value of insects. Collaborations with the International institute of Agriculture and local NGOs also allow us to answer fundamental questions about the nutritional value of specific insects that are eaten regionally.


Promoting the value of insects in Benin is central to the aims of Bugs for Life. Working in local schools and community groups, our team deliver interactive workshops on a range of topics, including understanding the nutritional value of insects and exploring the potential for insect farms. By working directly with children and adults that collect insects, we also aim to exchange knowledge directly with the communities.


In between our project work in Benin, our team can be found flying the flag for entomophagy across the UK. Interacting with the public is a central aim of Bugs for Life. Be it speaking at major science festivals, running stalls at cultural gatherings or creating independent events to teach the public about the world of edible insects, we hope to raise awareness about the role that entomophagy can play in the future of food